Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hand Pointers

Sorry it has been a while since my last post!! I was browsing the internet looking for some teaching and learning resources that would engage children in learning. I found these pretty cool hand pointers on Amazon, that I wanted to share with you:

(They are larger in size approximately the size of a ruler)
I thought they would be really helpful in encouraging the children to follow the text when working collectively as a whole class during shared reading. I personally would allow a child to be elected pointer, giving them responsibility to point to the text as we read together. This would also act as a behaviour management strategy, as you may wish to give a child this role if they are easily distracted during carpet time. After reading you could hand over the pointer to individuals, this would be in order for them to respond to the text, by for example pointing to verbs, adjectives and similes. Overall I envisage that they will greatly help to foster children's enthusiasm towards reading and possible follow up activities, as children see the opportunity of using them as an incentive to participate. 

I hope you like them as much as I do,
Thank you for your continued support!

Ben :-) 

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